30 % Mitragynine Kratom Extract

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Here at B&B Better Botanicals, we take kratom seriously. We have the highest quality extract that is made from the highest quality kratom leaves. Our extract is 30% pure mitragynine. This extract is best used in combination and mixed with our kratom Powder.  Best if mixed with 100 grams of powder or more.

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21 reviews for 30 % Mitragynine Kratom Extract

  1. Chris G

    this came quite close to living up “as advertised.” emerald 50x extract is the greatest extract I’ve ever bought, and that deserves credit in of itself.

  2. Trey Dixon

    I would say that the 50x is not the product for a novice customer, but it is simply excellent.

    Harder to dissolve than 25x or non-enhanced, the 50x is much more potent than its 25x cousin.

    I recommend it highly.

  3. Roger G

    I like to use extracts as a booster with plain so I would use 3 grams of plain leaf and add .25 grams or 250milgrms to my serving. It adds that KICK to all strains. THE 50X is equal to 10 grms so you can do math there. Not sure of the enhanced ones because I use the 25x and 50x to enhance my favorite strains. Hope this helps.

  4. Laney T

    50x emerald extract is the best, I was a Phytoextractom regular until I tried this. I loved it . It would be nice to receive a loyalty reward for buying more. Great service

  5. Aaron L

    I have severe back pain, nothing works except kratom, I honestly don’t know what I would do with out it. Really good quality and great strain! Energy is good too.

  6. Mairah N

    Good Stuff !

  7. Karen F

    This strain has been helpful with decrease of arthritic pain.

  8. Toby M

    I have been purchasing kratom for more than 3 years, I have got scammed with tinctures and extracts before but since know B&B product has such quality products I thought I would give this one a try. All I can say is that this extract is absolutely wonderful, probably one of the best out there.

  9. Jennifer O

    This powder is exceptional! While I only take it on especially painful days (that time of the month usually), it truly helps so much. I take a slightly smaller amount of my normal dose, and less than a teaspoon of this. About a half hour later, maybe less, I am already feeling back to myself. It is glittery and pretty too! Always ships same day too. more love for B&B better botanicals <3

  10. Andreas M

    it’s so stronger than kratom powder. but you have to be careful with the side effects, but i like this! hehe

  11. Mario S

    I think this one is 2x, 5x or maybe 10x more powerful.. i think.. hehe thanks!

  12. Munichipal W

    good stuff at a good price!! hehehe thanks a lot

  13. Jhonny A

    I like liquid extracts, but this is so amazing !!!! yeaH!

  14. Austin

    So far I’ve loved B&B products. I’ve tried all the strains so far and all were very good quality. I did some research about extracts before I bought this, and most said to make sure you get a full spectrum so you don’t loose some of those desirable affects. I was pleased to find this one is a full spectrum extract and a pretty fair price as well. Haven’t recieved it yet, but I know I can expect nothing but the best from B&B better botanicals as always.

  15. Freya D

    You can see the difference in a few minutes. Kratom extract will relieve the pain!! It is very important to understand that high doses of kratom can cause euphoria. so, be careful

  16. William L

    Was impressed with the product

  17. Samuel S

    This extract is excellent! Expensive, yes, but you get what you pay for, that is for sure! I have tried kratom extracts from some other vendors and the quality of Emereld Extract from B&B is far more superior. Keaton craft ! you have a costumer for life!

  18. John F

    Most suppliers claim 50X for extract powdered product. There product is an actual extract. It is well woth it’s price if not devalued. Stick to B&B better botanicals and look no further. I will never go anywhere else. Thanks for being such a reliable business. respact!!

  19. Joseph R.

    50× Emerald Extract is the Best kratom extract on the market! Fast shipping. Excellent full spectrum kratom quality. Will 100% order again

  20. Reaza D

    This extract will enhance your normal dose! A little goes along way!

  21. Wade (verified owner)

    Best extract I ever had .01g is all you need. I find just blending 1g of this extract with 100g of powder works amazingly well.

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