is kratom dangerous?

Kratom addictive?

As far as drugs go, kratom would be relatively new on the scene, at least in the United States and Europe. In Southeast Asia, however, it’s long been used as a painkiller, an anti-diarrhea medicine, and a recreational drug. Kratom is derived from a tropical evergreen tree that’s native in Southeast Asia, including countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. This natural botanical substance is used in the form of an herbal supplement. It’s also used as a remedy, and there are benefits that users experience from it, including increases in energy levels and pain relief.

While there have been moves in the U.S. to ban kratom, there are also many proponents of its use that find that it has value for many different reasons. At the same time, there has been a great deal of opposition to kratom’s use in the U.S. as well, and it’s still a hotly debated topic.

Another reason people commonly use kratom is to replace the abuse or addiction to another opioid.


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