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Kratom Leaf Drying

If a Kratom strain is going to be immediately dried and spared any fermentation, the harvested leaves are typically spread out into a uniform layer and allowed to dry in one of two environments: Indoor, fan-assisted drying. Large, dark holding rooms are used to keep the harvested Kratom leaves from being exposed to any direct sunlight. Industrial-grade fans are used to circulate the indoor air and to expel evaporation as the leaves dry. katom tree Indoor drying requires rigorous attention to detail and a hyperfocus on sanitation. Without the right moisture management practices in place, mold and mildew may develop. Outdoor drying. Kratom leaves that are allowed to dry outdoors are carefully spread out into thin layers and left to the elements for 24-72 hours. Because sunlight brings swift death to mold and mildew spores, outdoor Kratom leaf drying is often cleaner and easier to manage, but not always. Weather conditions must be monitored and the harvested leaves must be agitated every few hours to ensure consistent sunlight exposure to the entire crop yield. It’s very common for harvested Kratom leaves to be given both indoor and outdoor drying treatments. The length of time the leaves spend in either of these conditions weighs heavily into how potent the resulting crushed powder will be.


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