5 Strains Sample Pack 25 grams

32 Reviews Sold: 150


You can choose 5 different strains from our list

Each strain will be 5 grams

Please input the strains manually in “Purchase Note” if you leave the field blank, we will send randomly strains.


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32 reviews for 5 Strains Sample Pack 25 grams

  1. Andrea Klipp

    if you’re new to kratom , this is your best introduction. a choice of various products in small amounts, while many companies only make sales of 500g or more. this is a great idea B&B !!!

  2. Namasha T

    I like this! Thank you B&B Better Botanicals :* :*

  3. Natally Christy

    really great offer, and i love it ! thx keaton

  4. Rick Dalton

    What ???? 5 Strains Sample Pack, can’t miss this one, thx B&B !!

  5. Elise Leonard

    Purchased without product research… Not what I expected… But my friend also ordered from you and, amazingly… and what’s even more amazing, you provided 5 sample packs of kratom Strains.. i know you brooo !! cheers

  6. Chris Monahaan

    like being given so many offers about health, the more I like this! Thank you B&B Better Botanicals

  7. Staphen Clifton

    I don’t actually use it, but my wife does and she really enjoys it, and now you give me 5 kratom sample fu*kin packs??!? yeahh!! it’s my turn to try this one

  8. Michael Kawecki

    Awesome. Just got my 5 pack in the store !!
    very interesting!

  9. Derikk H

    Great product and even better customer service.

  10. Yoland O

    Amazing product and customer service, not to mention a great ordering option if you like to create your own blends at home!

  11. Fortis Y

    now no need to be confused to try

  12. Malla M

    now i know, green is what i need

  13. Malvins H

    to be honest I really need something like this !! to determine the right strain for me and dosage, thanks

  14. Dave B

    haaaaa!!! thats looks so tempting, i try

  15. Kikka G

    OMG !!! awesome sample pack !!! thx a lot !

  16. Nadhine S

    yeah !! 5 pack ! awesome offer

  17. Nony L

    this !! i found!! thx a lot keaton

  18. Damien W

    This is my chance to try, thanks a lot

  19. Shand R

    yasss!!! i’ll try one by one.. thanks a lot !!

  20. Trever Russell

    Great trial pack if your trying this vendor for this first time! you won’t be disappointed!

  21. C. Wyatt

    This is a good deal if you use a different strand during the day vs at bedtime.

  22. Capiozzo De

    from here, I found one of my favorite needs. of course to relax in the evening. Best quality as usual

  23. Steve

    This is a good deal if you only need 25g and 5 different strains. As always, the price and quality of the product is superb.

  24. A Mamorra

    if you need a morning blend separate from the evening, or just like to mix it up to keep things strong, this is a great way. try a green and a white, or a red and a white. they compliment each other well, and I prove it with this B&B product

  25. Tompi A

    OMG !!!

  26. Arry N

    This really answers my doubts.. thanks!

  27. Gataw D

    Great Product !

  28. Crist Marriet

    its chance !!!

  29. Gorro G

    thanks a lot ! i got it all

  30. Maria Eva

    turns out all is good for me, so please choose it for me hehe 😀

  31. gerald O

    I’ve bought this and for yesterday I really like the red strain.. but I’m still curious about the other strains, I’m so happy to be back to try

  32. jasonpelican

    Best Kratom you can buy, and best customer service of ANY vendor!!

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