Gold Maeng Da Kratom Powder

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Gold Maeng Da is one of the most popular Kratom strains in the world, and every Kratom user should have some of it on hand since it has powerful and unique properties. Maeng Da translates to ‘Pimp grade’ in Thai, meaning this Kratom has top notch quality and is the cream of the crop.

Notably, Maeng Da is a variation of Thai Kratom. Over the centuries Kratom farmers in Thailand grafted together the most powerful Kratom strains, in order to produce a super strain with extremely potent alkaloid concentrations and all of the best Kratom effects. In other words, over the course of hundreds of years farmers continuously combined top notch Kratom strains, and therefore Maeng Da has the properties of all of the best Kratom strains mixed together. This is what makes Maeng Da so special.

Also, this Gold Maeng Da Kratom has gone through a fermentation process using sunlight and water, enhancing the concentration of 7-hydroxymitragynine, in addition to enhancing the levels of the extremely powerful alkaloid Mitragynine Pseudoindoxyl. This is actually the same fermentation process used to produce Red Vein Kratom. What makes this Kratom Gold Vein is that it went through a specialized drying process which enhanced the concentration of 7-hydroxymitragynine to the maximum levels possible. Notably, this specialized drying process turns the leaves a golden color, which is why they call this type of Kratom Gold Vein.

Due to this specialized fermentation and drying process, there is no doubt that Gold Vein Kratom is one of the most powerful strains in existence!

On a final note, our Gold Maeng Da Kratom comes fresh from Indonesia, has been tested in a state of the art laboratory, and utmost care was used when shipping and processing this Kratom. Lab tests confirm that this Kratom is completely pure, contains zero adulterants or contaminants, and is highly potent. You can be assured that the only thing in this bag of Kratom is 100% Mitragyna Speciosa.

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83 reviews for Gold Maeng Da Kratom Powder

  1. Emily B.

    This is a really great Gold Maeng Da strain !! Good balance.

  2. Mikeukblue

    The first time I tried it, it seemed balanced between a green and red. But every time after that it’s more on the red side. Like that one post said, Gold Maeng Da on steroids lol. I did some last night and it was very relaxing. and what would you say??? I AM SOBER !!! yeahhh

  3. Nikkia C

    stating Quality product!I just love the way this has added to my life. Energy and mood boost. The quality is absolutely excellent. I will buy from this company again in the future.

  4. Gloria Finegold

    This company is quick to respond when I need help. I love how quick my orders are shipped. The product is consistently great.

  5. Phillip Glyn

    Bought it without researching the product… It wasn’t wat i expected… But my friend ordered from ya’ll as well and, it is awesome… Great picker upper…. A fantastic morning blend… Exactly wat i needed…. So i am ready to order sum from ya’ll… Thank you so much…

  6. Barnes R

    Good quality, never had gold before, i prefer white but it is good too.

  7. James H

    i actually don’t use it, but my wife uses it and enjoys it I stay away from it due to the nature of its properties. thx !

  8. Marten C

    I bought the gold maeng da thought I ordered gold bali….I’m glad I did..its not overly energetic but seems to kill pain longer than most . I use it mainly at night..I will get more

  9. Marquez Romeo

    Gold variety effectively sustained the effects expected of kratom without having to increase dosing protocol or dealing with a shift to other alternative sources

  10. Joshua D

    I really love the gold I don’t know why usually only been works for me!!!

  11. Maria E

    Relaxing and calming strain.

  12. Edcali

    I really like the gold MD as it cuts pain, has a decent mood lift and some energy. Also social ++ thanks b&b better botanicals

  13. Rold G

    The absolute best I have ever burned. The scent of this strain saved my life! Relaxing, focused energy…Great to get & keep the day going…Also powerfull enough to lull me to sleep or meditate. Haven’t had a drink in yrs. Thanks to the GREAT GOLD MAENG DA LOVE IT! Thanks for everything you all do for the cause. thx a lot Keaton Craft

  14. Adam C

    It’s really good and easier that I thought to drink. I enjoy it with my morning coffee

  15. Ryan (verified owner)

    This product is AMAZING! This has been my go to. Incredibly fast shipping along with great customer service with an excellent price. Highly recommend!

  16. Dormand I

    I just got a gold maeng da strain. I have a fairly high tolerance so I took two big tsp and just now starting to feel the effects. I’m defintitely getting stimulated nut relaxed at the same time. Expected it to be a little stronger but its too early to tell at the moment. Anybody feel like certain strains take awhile to kick in?

  17. RICHARD V.

    is one of my favorites. EXCELLENT! B&B is simply the best. No need to look anywhere else. The support is fantastic! great at taking care of all your needs.

  18. Michelle m

    The Awesome Strains. I will definitely be buying a larger amount to add to my main rotation.

  19. Tara C

    I’m new to kratom and this is the third vendor I have used
    Bought red Maeng Da and gold Maeng Da
    Shipping was 3 days. Products are great and clean, Prices are phenomenal
    AWESOME ! I will continue to buy here!
    Thank you B&B

  20. Crypto N

    i really enjoyed this the Gold maeng da sometimes just easier to take then brewing tea with the powder. Thanks a lot

  21. Patrick W

    Gold maeng da and so on. So I appreciate the new addition. And B&B is the best of course

  22. Tina T

    I want to say thank you B&B your gold maeng da is the best I’ve ever had the shipping time was fast and I will continue to purchase more I give you five stars cuz it’s that awesome

  23. Kenneth T.

    Good balance! Not too hot, not too mellow. Overall a good strain.

  24. Sherri M

    I love this strain and we Love Love Love B&B would never shop anywhere else!!!!

  25. Sonny K

    I have recommended everyone from my 80 yr. old mom to my 30 yr. old son. Nothing works better for pain, clarity, depression and motivation. We love B&B and wouldn’t go anywhere else.

  26. Martin S

    GOLD MAENG DA !! This stuff is pure gold, get it 😀 seriously though it is truly a 5 star strain. I had a motocross wreck 2 years ago and shattered my leg, broke in 16 places. Pain is permanent due to the severity of the accident, I stopped taking the prescribed narcotics because they hardly did anything. The pain relief from this strain is nothing short of amazing and it also gives a very pleasant feeling of well being and also helps with my agoraphobia. Highly highly recommend if you’re looking for a great pain reliever or just a really nice calming strain. thank you! thank you very much B&B !!

  27. Andrew M

    Like ordering relief in a resealable bag! Always great quality and price at B&B i love you !

  28. Leeanah Todd

    The Gold Mang da is the first strain I tried from B&B. I was committed to using it several times before leaving a review. In fact… my new favorite gold maeng da ! I love it anytime of day. Great company with fair prices!

  29. Lik 74

    Your gold maeng da puts me to sleep rather quickly! I don’t think I would make it to the doctor’s office after taking that! haha

  30. Jack Flint

    I’ve tried a few other vendors and this one has the best value. Great quality at an unbelievably good price, and I appreciate the free shipping option.

  31. Stevie W

    The Gold Maeng Da is wonderful for the morning. I prefer to mix 50/50 with Super green Malay and I’m up, energetic and productivity be and focused for hours. My chronic back pain is almost non existent, which is amazing since I suffer from debilitating back pain for years now . Kratom has saved my life. . And can’t thank you enough!!! This strain, the cRead more about review stating The Gold Md is wonderfulostumer service, and shipping time all 5 Stars!

  32. DonkeyCopterr

    For me, their Gold MD is pretty versatile. Small amounts bring light … stimulation, medium doses are in the sweet spot, solid euphoria and that paradox stim/relax effect. Large doses can couch lock you. OMG thanks a lot B&B !!!

  33. Benjamin richey

    The Great Gold Maeng Da was the first strain I started to feel the amazing and positive effects from Kratom. Its perfect for cleaning around the house and having an upbeat attitude for work while also an excellent strain

  34. Malfiin C

    Wonderful service, and sincere help with B&B better botanical. The Gold Maeng Da is the best we have found, and extremely effective for chronic pain…Thank you!

  35. Downy T

    Gold Maeng Da helps with my mood swings. My wife brought my mood swings to my attention. Heard about kratom and ordered some to try. My mood does a 180 degree turn around every time i take it. This place has the best prices anywhere.The quality is consistant. Thank you B&B! You help to change my marriage and my life

  36. Leeanah Todd

    The Gold Mang da is the first strain I tried from B&B. Like others, I was committed to using it several times before leaving a review. It was 5 Stars EVERY TIME! In fact… my new favorite! I love it anytime of day. Great company with fair prices!

  37. Brenceer Marr

    They feel like a very euphoric red but without the sedation. So they are perfect to take during the day. They also mix very well make it more energetic. hihihi

  38. Mc Anderson

    It’sone of the best !!! yeaaah thx keaton

  39. Asicc B

    Good product,good service will buy again

  40. Mc Cowan

    Best by far, prices far exceed the other 2 vendors and product is just as good if not better. Highly recommended.

  41. Alexander A

    Great strain for potencyIf you want to step your game up, this is the way to go. A little goes a long way.

  42. Hoppien H

    I love this strain! It gives me a nice warm jump start in the morning without any of the yucks associated with some other fast strains. Big plus, it plays well with other strains. It has made me a morning person again!

  43. Lane T

    Not only is this the best strain of Kratom I have EVER tried, it is also the best price by far!… I suffer from horrible chronic pain and anxiety/depression. I’ve always been able to manage it with green meang da, but it was always lingering just waiting to pounce whenever I was vulnerable. For some reason I decided to try Gold Maeng Da this time..WOW!!Read more about review stating Not only is this the like magic my pain is gone!..and I have no anxiety or depression at all!… my mood swings are leveled out and I feel like a different person!..This strain is amazing for anyone suffering with anxiety or pain! it doesn’t make you tired at all..it gives you clean relaxed energy but no jitters! I’m an artist who quit painting because my brain was too numbed and I felt no inspiration.. THX a lot

  44. Ronny U

    the great Gold Maeng Da !! its the first time buying, excellent service. Fast shipping & good quality. Will be a long time customer.

  45. William J

    One of my favorite strains. When I say it is energizing, I would put it at about 75% of White Thai’s energizing effects, but also a bit more mentally relaxing. If you like energizing strains, you will want to give this a try. It is also especially good for aches and pains. thats gold!!

  46. Jordan S

    Gold Maeng Da from B&B.. Its a very energizing strain for a red, gives you quite the mood boost, and on top of all that its one of the best for pain. You can definitely switch up your routine and make it great for in the morning or the evening.

  47. Shawn M

    I ordered the Gold Maeng Da. My brother told me about you, as he knows I have degenerative disc disease, neuropathy & chronic arthritis in my neck, shoulders & back. I’m so happy with this strain…I received it early this morning & burnt it immediately. I haven’t had this kind of pain releif in such.. Thank you for the quality! I’m also grateful for your price, as I’m on a fixed income at the time. Thank you for helping people like me!! aplouse B&B

  48. Bonnie M

    Very good for stimulation which I was looking for and if I wanted to relax sometimes I’d up my dose for a more sedative effect. Not only my favorite strain so far but customer service and delivery are truly amazing. Dan and everyone at B&B are on top of their A game with quick Read more about review stating I can’t believe there areresponses to ANY questions or concerns.

  49. Froddo

    i ordered the gold Maeng Da and it works great for pain relief and anxiety plus makes me feel all happy! The ordering process was very easy and you literally can’t beat the pricing! thanks a lot b&b

  50. Dan

    Most euphoric strain I’ve tried. Decent energy, yet relaxing, with clear minded focus.

  51. Charles F

    Good product,anyone reading this give this company a try you won’t regret

  52. Becca B

    I’m able to manage my pain with the Goldie Maeng Da! B&B has high quality products, the absolute lowest prices, and the best customer service! I can not recommend them highly enough!

  53. Mikeh E

    I’ve tried several different strains from B&B, and this is by far my personal favorite. It’s very potent. i’ll burn 7-8gs per day on average, but when i have this stuff i use 3-5gs a day.
    the aroma is a perfectly middle of the road; you get the body ache relief, but it also has a nice little head rush and feeling of mental clarity.

  54. Canna H

    I wish I could tell more of a difference when it comes to different strains, but they all work well enough for me.

  55. Kevin J Kaminski

    Awesome product! Euphoric, energetic, and pain relieving. Love your products especially third party testing. Thanks!

  56. Ge Diddy

    Gold Maeng Da from B&B was a very wise choice, to go along with my purchase of Red, which we really like the most.

  57. Adam Perkins

    Wow this strain literally blows my mind. Powerful euphoria and relaxation. Great maeng da for anxiety day or night and just a soothing scent! I have tried many of In B&B Better Botanicals strains and they are ALL the best quality leaf I have had, hands down. These guys got the hook up! I am not buying from anyone else again!

  58. Stephen Perrone

    This strikes me as a Kratom that delivers across the board. Powerful but balanced….Good for my pain, and it provides me a good mood lift.

  59. Char M

    I mix my gold maeng da with my fuzzy dragon. Best…. relief, and mood enhancement. Great! Thanks

  60. Sarahann S

    Hands down my favorite. Perfect balance between pain relief and energizing properties.

  61. Jeremy D

    Their Gold Maeng Da and Gold Bali are extremely high quality. A lot of people don’t know how to feel about gold vein strains but if you like white vein strains, you need to try the gold!

  62. Dennis Gamblin

    excellent quality of Gold Maeng Da. I received a sample and it is now My new favorite strain. Expect fast shipment.

  63. Chariell H

    Tried it and really like it. Good service from this company.

  64. Sonya Dunn

    This gold is sweet, I got a sample and now I’m for sure going to order some more. Love it, it’s like a mellow relaxing mood with a happy cheerfulness thrown in. Say goodbye to stress and anxiety. This is the reason I turned to kratom and so far I’m enjoying my variety pack, and taking notes of the different strains for future orders. If in doubt, try some, you will not be disappointed.

  65. Cassandra Bell

    Gold maeng da threw me for a loop when I first discovered it, because I had done my research enough to know the veins of the kratom plant are either red, white or green. The gold strain is usually made by fermenting a red strain in a specially made (secret recipe) tea which makes it more potent.

  66. Shannon Grant

    The gold strain is VERY good. Try it! Will be ordering more soon.

  67. Michael Eatmon

    Love the gold, perfect balance for anytime and no one has better Kratom than B&B Better Botanicals

  68. Larry

    Best strain overall, good mix of focus and energy with anti-anxiety. B&B is the best for quality to value ratio on all strains and products.

  69. Erika Graham

    This is our favorite strain. Compared to all other vendors, B&B Better Botanicals has the better quality, and having the option to choose the strength is a plus.
    Gold Maeng Da is great for energy, very uplifting, and extremely helpful when you want to get things done.

  70. Ian Kelly

    The Gold Maeng Da is one of the best strains that i have come accross, decent energy and good mood lift.

  71. Steven Picot

    Gold MD from another vendor had been a favorite but had stopped working for me. is noticeably better with a decent level of smooth energy, focus and no jitters.

  72. Matt S

    Not overpowering, which I love. Makes me happy.

  73. Dallin KF

    Love it. Mix it in with some chocolate milk and it not only is great quality 😉 but also tastes good! I’ll keep gettin this.

  74. Andro S

    Very nice mellow, yet energetic strain. The euphoria is not as high as the White, but still substantial. It’s good for combination with other strains as a ‘flavor enhancer/synergizer.’

  75. Kaynoham29

    very happy with the quality, good smell, clean and effective. Owh btw… i look at you from tiktok,
    nice to meet you Keaton Craft !!

  76. Ralph J

    very good strain! I enjoy it on my low energy day! It had too much energizing power for my normal days due to it will make me irritable if I’m somewhere that I can’t burn off the energy! Great product though!

  77. D Denny

    This strain has good aroma and color, fantastic euphoria feeling

  78. Sharron

    Gold maeng da is my favorite, kicks fast and lasting as well. highly recommeded.

  79. Kerry H

    very good kratom

  80. Will K

    B&B Better Botanicals customer service is best! i love your Instagram Feed ! and absolutely your Great Gold Maeng Da !! i was tried the capsules or powders!!

  81. Kanna M

    rocks! strong and really does the job

  82. Tyler

    Amazing Kratom awesome for pain and put me in an overall great mood will be ordering again

  83. Dawn

    Best kratom I have tried works great for pain and mood and anxiety great customer service and high quality product will definitely ordering more thank you !

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