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Red Dragon Kratom Warrior is a highly popular variant of Thai Kratom. Essentially, due to Thai Kratom evolving in completely different climate and soil conditions than Indonesian Kratom, it has a very unique alkaloids profile. Specifically, Thai Kratom is perhaps the most calming Kratom strain.

Likewise, all of the above is true for Dragon Kratom, since Dragon Kratom is a variation of Thai Kratom, with the primary difference being that Dragon Kratom is considered more energizing than regular Thai Kratom. Scientifically, this is likely due to Dragon Kratom containing naturally high concentrations of Mitragynine.

Overall, Dragon Kratom has unique effects, and is one of the only know variations of Thai Kratom, and therefore every Kratom connoisseur should have this strain in their collection.

This Red Dragon Kratom has gone through a fermentation process using sunlight and water, enhancing the concentration of 7-hydroxymitragynine even further, in addition to enhancing the levels of the extremely powerful alkaloid Mitragynine Pseudoindoxyl. This special fermentation process is what gives this Dragon Kratom the classification of being a Red Vein strain. Essentially, Red Vein Kratom strains go through this fermentation to increase their potency, and this process gives the Kratom a reddish hue.

On a final note, our Red Dragon Kratom has been tested in a state of the art laboratory, and utmost care was used when shipping and processing this Kratom. Lab tests confirm that this Kratom is 100% pure and organic, contains zero adulterants or contaminants, and is highly potent.

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11 reviews for Red Dragon Kratom Capsule

  1. Mauritz Khaviar

    This is first time me reviewing any product. B&B Red Dragon Capsules (I bought them a month back) are so wonderful that I felt I must share my experience. The pods are powerful and worth it. Thank you, Krave Botanical, for bringing me the strain. I needed it badly.

  2. Halaine M

    Last time, a local seller game me fillers saying its red dragon. I was so upset then someone referred me B&B better botanicals Kratom. Got it 2 days back. Awesome vendor – love their B&B Red Dragon Capsules. From now, I will shop from here only.

  3. Robert Y

    Great product
    Excellent quality fast shipping and exactly how the energy effect I expected!

  4. Robert K.

    Red Dragon Capsules
    I just recently discovered Kratom, and I’ve made two purchases through B&B so far. I definitely love this Red Dragon stuff. Very relaxed, overall sense of calm. Have turned on a couple of other people to it as well. Highly recommend.

  5. Mike salaz

    good quality, excellent results

  6. Jessica Reible

    If you love the Dragon powder, these are more convenient
    I love the capsules, much easier than mixing powder with something. Good if you are in a hurry & if you want to take doses when you are out and about.

  7. Virginia G.

    Love love love!
    Product is great and the shipping was quick!

  8. David Kelling

    Red Dragon good! very good
    Easy to use and when I am busy can grab 4 capsules and I am ready to gol

  9. Bobby Cullers

    My purchase of the red Bali capsules
    I am very pleased with that Thank you

  10. Jennye

    I’ve used this Red Dragon Capsules at all times of the day but especially enjoy it as my afternoon go to. Great results! Thanks better botanicals!!

  11. Chadwick H.

    What a way to start my day
    Great Red Dragon Capsules. As always shipping was fast and package arrived on time and in good shape. I will order again and again as the product speaks for itself once you try it.

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