Super Indo Kratom Powder

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Super Indo Kratom is favored by people for its high level of alkaloid content, which is where it gets its pharmacological properties. People take this variety of for many reasons.

  • May cause stimulating and Activating Effects
  • May lead to alleviation of Emotional Pain and/or Anxiety
  • May Relief from Physical Distress

While most types of Kratom become dominant in their effect profile with either energizing or sedating effects, this strain remains remarkably balanced.

The Effect are different than many substances. It’s a strange combination of sedative, and stimulant effects morph over the range of suitable doses. To further complicate the form in which you take Kratom also may affect the user’s end experience.

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7 reviews for Super Indo Kratom Powder

  1. Zachary M

    Didn’t know what to expect going into this purchase. I knew the quality would be excellent but I never tried a ‘Super’ Indo. Was pleasantly surprised to find out it has quite long legs & is nearly on par with my go to strain from Kraken; Super Green Malay. Chances are if you like SGM you’ll appreciate thRead more about Didn’t know what to expect going intois one too

  2. Mc Anderson

    Excellent Strain – I usually get white maeng da, or malaysian super green, this was a test and very glad I gave it a try. It definitely deserves its place in the premium category of kratom! Very good consistency as always from B&B Products.

  3. Ali D

    This so strong And surprisingly well balanced supplement that encourages productivity and focus

  4. David N

    My absolute favorite thing from this website. A must try!!

  5. Marchell A

    Good quality, and pleasant effects, will buy again!

  6. Jordana

    Nothing bad to say about this one. It’s long lasting and awesome product!

  7. Thomas F

    Definitely worth the money. I enjoyed this one..

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