Super Semo Kratom Powder

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Super SEMO is our special strain that was cultivated and mixed specifically for B&B Better Botanicals! This strain is a mix of the most potent green and most potent white directly from the farm West Borneo. Our cultivator has worked tirelessly over the years to cultivate this strain to be one of the best Mitragynina Speciosa blends. It is highly energetic with a very powerful sense of well-being. This is that focus energy that all look for to start our day and accomplish the task ahead of us. You will only find this strain at B&B Better Botanicals.

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32 reviews for Super Semo Kratom Powder

  1. Elisha S

    super semo ! i love it !!

  2. Mike M

    Absolutely love mixing this super semo in with the Red Dragon or any other Red to give it a boost.

  3. Brian L

    the super semo efect in me so excellent for sleep, Very sedating. I recommend consum 1 hour before bed for a great night’s sleep!

  4. Jen G

    Super Semo is perfect for your day. very high quality for this special strain from B&B, great customer service too and price deserves MORE than 5 stars.
    My first time trying this Super semo strain and I’m IN LOVE. That’s SUPERIOR for your company <3

  5. Darrel Ippoh

    SUPER SEMO! is the best strain ive ever came across. thanks for this most pure product

  6. Barand A

    WOW! must try for any Kratom lover. THE SUPER SEMO!! from B&B better botanicals. potent and perfect. Respect this one and it keeps it’s magic. Great with the super special strains.

  7. Tom B

    This is literally the best kratom you can possibly get hands down. I honestly want to chew actual kratom leaves but can’t find them. that this is super semo and so super powerful

  8. Abraham M

    Wow is all I have to say! these guys have the best kratom that I’ve tried. This strain (SUPER SEMO!) is absolutely top notch! I would highly recommend any product B&B has. keaton craft from better botanicals has a new loyal customer. Keep up the great work guys

  9. Lee Juan

    love the Super semo !! is very high quality. I purchase the Red MD too and am always happily satisfied Also, thank you B&B and thank you for your wonderful customer service.

  10. A Careha

    my typical dose of White Dragon and it sure packed a punch! Will definitely order again!

  11. Morton M

    I really enjoy the super semo stretch!. Makes me alert and energized. perfect for your weight training. Super fast shipping too! This is the winner!

  12. Mia

    loved it! I will definitely be re-ordering more next time. Was a great treat!

  13. Lale M

    Super Semo fron B&B its works great to energize, lift mood, and inspire greater productivity. I enjoy the incredible focus it grants me, without being too overstimulating. It is perfect on its own

  14. Kathreen S

    now I know what it feels like to indulge in diamonds. It feels fucking wonderful!!! i love you super semo! i love you B&B better botanicals

  15. Donald O

    This super semo must be in your inventory. It brings out energic your self and gives it really focus.
    I can’t wait to get up tomorrow and get back to work. thanks B&B better botanicals

  16. Ken D

    This strain is one that I like to use when I am painting or feeling annoyed with life. This is one of my favorite strains. It is fast but not super fast like Rockstar – which I use for cleaning.

  17. Joy Palmature

    Stopped in with my husband after he showed me your TikTok
    Bought super semo and 2 others along with tanning lotion.
    100% legit and ready to start auto ship!
    I have anemia and suffer from low energy and often lethargic.
    The super semo is the only thing I have found that works wonders besides the b12 injections that I hate giving myself.
    Tanning lotion is also bomb!

  18. Daisha A

    Love B&B, i saw you ini the tiktok and instagram its great !! same great for the product! Good, clean energy boost Super semo!!!

  19. M Berbhatov

    Super Semo! from B&B is the best blend I have ran across yet.

  20. Joy Green

    The first of its kind I tried and loved it! If you experience a feeling of lack of focus and lack of energy this is it!!! Completely in a super semo!

  21. Gunn G

    Very great strain

  22. Kenya Bahana

    I’m a bit of a newbie and still experimenting with various strains and colors, but Super Semo had a noticeable effect in the morning. Along with a coffee, it made my morning brighter, I was more sociable and eager to get work done. Very effective and made me smile! Thank you

  23. Brad R

    I’m rotating this in with the various other strains I’m taking & it’s a nice pick-me-up! Yeah ! super semo!!!

  24. Jamie S.

    I’ve been using Kratom for around 2 years now mainly to help with anxiety opposed to using pharmaceutical drugs. I usually prefer red Bali but decided to try an this awsome super semo.This stuff is top of the line! Very little goes a long way. I’ve tried it with red Bali and maeng da and both mixed well with it. Will definitely be buying more. love B&B better botanicals

  25. Linsda H

    Wonderful strain and completely different than Green or White Maeng da. Completely. This is my absolute go-to in the morning. that seems to be just what I need to get my act together and thats The Super Semo

  26. Julia M

    Never steered me wrong; he understands my situation and accomodates me accordingly. This super semo is the best !! thanks a lot keaton craft

  27. Walter M

    This is great Strains !! for back pain and mood elevation. I order this every 3 weeks to supplement my normal green. Highly Recommend!! and i like this name SUPER SEMO !!

  28. R Mallw

    WOW! great product! B&B is the best I have tried and the quickest shipping. Most for the money and a legit fresh product. Can’t wait to re-up and get into other products

  29. Shanny T

    An absolute must for me Monday mornings! Definitely motivating in a mentally productive way.

  30. Tara T

    A great even keeled powder that’s just the right amount of “get up and go” and, productive energy without the jitters. Get go to product ! THE SUPER SEMO FROM B&B

  31. Japs R

    This is my favorite morning strain!

  32. Brittany A

    My new favorite! Great for motivation and over all well feeling!

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