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Like a fine cognac, our Superior Kratom Extract proves that everything only gets finer with age. Made from the maturest leaves, making this our most refined and potent extract yet. Robust in flavor and smooth in texture, Kratom savants will appreciate the notes of butterscotch that round out this intense but delectable experience.

State-of-the-Art Extraction Process

GMO-Free – Vegan – Gluten-Free – Full Spectrum Extract (Red Vein)

Third-Party test to ensure premium quality & effectiveness

MIT level 105-110mg per bottle

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14 reviews for Lit Culture Kratom Extract

  1. Jordan E

    This is by far the best shot besides Lit Culture. This is just right.
    Id give it 10 stars if I could. Bottles have seemed less full than normal lately, but that would be my only complaint.

  2. Marie A

    Was hoping all these rave reviews would mean excellent results but for me I barely felt it. Have tried a few times so I don’t think it was bad batches, but I guess it’s possible since it seems to work for so many others.

  3. Mick Wall

    Yeahhh it was LIT!!!

  4. Scott D

    These actually taste… dare I say.. good?? I don’t get the same aggro/jittery feeling after these wear off as well, plus the MIT levels seem accurate, and they have lab results available on their site. Plus a bit easier on the stomach than OPMS and some others

  5. Sophia R

    First time trying this brand and I really do like it. I was very surprised. It definitely lived up to its name.

  6. Dann M

    The Best! The only way I can describe it! I’ve tried every kratom product from every major brand, and these guys at Lit Culture are about to change the game. The flavor is amazing compared to all other kratom extract shots I have tried. They thought of everything – Packaging, Flavor, Potency. 5 Stars!!!

  7. Corey S

    One of the BEST! I tried a hand full of kratom brands this is honestly the best all around. The potency doesn’t disappoint and the honey flavor is a nice touch.

  8. John P

    This stuff is potent, use only as directed.

  9. John P

    This stuff is potent, use only as directed and this my fave concentrate, thx Keaton!

  10. Danis G

    So dependable it’s worked well would buy again.

  11. Tiffany T

    I don’t buy any other brand, this has the most relief for chronic pain and does not make me nauseous like some of the other brands do.

  12. Jason M

    These shots are great, ordering more.

  13. Alex A

    Best extract shot I’ve ever had.

  14. Nicole H

    It definitely helps with pain

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