Ways to take kratom

Wafer FIlms

Wafer Film from Blate Papes is the newest way to take Kratom. First, lay one the pape onto a clean dry surface. Second, add Kratom using measuring spoon. Third, pick up the edges and fold as small as narrow as possible (There is no one best fold, do it however feels the most comfortable). The last, wet the wrapped pouch and swallow with water OR dip halfway and place in mouth.

Toss N' Wash

Toss n’ Wash is the easiest, fastest, and least tasteful way to ingest kratom. Measure out the amount of kratom you plan to take. A measuring spoon is provided if you order powder. Take a drink of anything you choose (soda is not preferred due to fizzing). Hold the liquid in your mouth. Tilt your head up and pour Kratom Powder on top of the liquid. Swallow before tilting your head back down. This way you hardly ever taste the kratom but if you make a mistake here it is like doing the cinnamon challenge with green powder.

Make a Tea Like Mixture

Kratom does not mix well in cold water at all. So, if you use this method you will need to use warm or hot water. Some people will use just enough liquid to be able to stir the powder in while others will make a drink out of it and add sweeteners. This is all preference! Mix your dose in with warm water and stir.

Shake Method

Another way to mix kratom that people prefer, and this can be done with any drink that you purchase but is typically done with orange juice or chocolate milk. Mix powder into a bottle that can be shook. Shake and drink! *Tip: Orange juice contains citric acid. Citric acid helps break down the kratom powder and makes it easier for your body to utilize.


We also carry capsules. All of our capsules are size 000 which holds 1 gram. Our capsules are bigger but with the quality and size you can easily take less and get more out of your kratom. Capsules do make it easier to take and you do not have to taste the kratom. Yes, kratom taste just as it looks! Though it does take extra time for the capsules to break down and you must ingest multiple capsules but will still receive the same amount and strength as you would with any other method.

Some other ways are making kratom into an actual tea, mixing with protein shakes, and blending with yogurt.  Each person has to find their preferred method.  For making tea boil kratom in a pot for about 30 minutes then strain the powder from the liquid. 



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