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Keaton Craft

Hello! Welcome to B&B Better Botanicals.

Your Kratom Specialist from Southeast Missouri!  Kratom is a plant that has been used for thousands of years in Southeast Asia to aid in multiple different things.  From energy and pain to alleviating some of the worst withdrawal symptoms associated with opiates.   

My name is Keaton Craft and my wife, and I started B&B Better Botanicals for a few select reasons.  One of them being due to the quality I continued to get from most other kratom suppliers.  I found that every order I made the quality would change and so would the effects.  We now carry the highest quality kratom grown in West Borneo.  We spent countless dollars and hours buying and testing products to find the highest quality kratom we could. Secondly, I am an ex-heroin addict and kratom helped save me.  I went through multiple rehabs and tried every medication.  Kratom was the only way I was able to stave off my opiate addiction and get back to the great life I had intended for our family.  Thirdly I realized that there was not a good source of information for kratom.  Wherever I went I would ask about the kratom products that stores carried and almost felt embarrassed for asking because no one had any answers.  The person behind the counter could not answer a single question I had regarding the products or what their intended purpose was.  One thing we did not start B&B Better Botanicals for was for a legal high.  If that is what you came here looking for, we suggest you go speak to your local shops as we designed our store for helping others like me.  Kratom has tons of medicinal benefits that have been used in Eastern medicine for years and we are just now starting to figure that out.  We have taken the time to test our products personally to ensure quality and consistency.   

We are a family ran business as you will see.  Our store started out of necessity for something greater than what our area could provide.  We wanted B&B Better Botanicals to be a store full of knowledge, quality products, and a store you could bring your family into.   If you reach out to us, you will get to speak with either Sheila or I personally so if you have any questions do not hesitate to call.  All our products have been lab tested, all natural, and we stand behind each product we carry.  We will always strive to carry the highest quality products as well as the best customer service we can provide. We are available at just about any time of the day but if we do miss your message just leave your name and phone number or email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  

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